Lakes of Ladakh


The high altitude lakes of Ladakh are all of a stunning beauty and hence the Ladakh's most spectacular destinations!

Located at an altitude above 4200 m they definitively have something unique. They are vast bodies of glittering water surrounded by high barren mountains. They also shelter rare ecosystems. Bird watcher and wildlife enthusiats will have a great time.

They are all accessible in one or two days from Leh. But we recommend you to select one of our tour or to ask us to customize a tour to enjoy entirely these uncommon places the way you would like to.

The most famous lakes are :
Pangong Tso, accessible via the impressive Changla pass at 5340 m height.
Tso Moriri and Tso Kiagar that you can reach either from Leh or via an alternate itinerary from the Manali to Leh road.
Tso Kar, very close to the Moore plateau. It is worth seeing it from a ridge that is accessible on foot (1 hour) from the Manali to Leh road.

Map of the lakes of Ladakh

ladakh lakes map

Ladakh - Map of the lakes

The lakes of Ladakh can be visited from Leh in one day, but we recommend you to take two days to visit a lake. Please note that Tso Moriri, Tso Kiagar and Tso Kar can be visited in one return trip from Leh in two days.

Tso Moriri lake

How to get to Tso Moririy - Distance from Leh

Tso Moriri is located in a plateau at 220 km from Leh. It will take around 6 hours to reach via Chumathang where you can visit a monastery.

Tso Moririy stay

There are permanent residents in the village Karzog on the bank of Tso Moriri. There is a hotel and a few very rudimentary guesthouses there. The most comfortable places to stay are the camps near Karzog.

Tso Moriri Lake, officially named as Tso-moriri Wetland Conservation Reserve is located in the Changthang Wetlands at an altitude of 4,595 m (15,075 ft).

The Tso Moriri Lake covers a large part of the land of about 28 kms in length from north to south and about 4-6 km in breadth.
The Lake is surrounded by a backdrop of jaw-dropping views of the snow-capped mountains and open skies. Tso Moriri is not only beautiful, but is sacred to the Ladakhis.
Its crystal clear blue water and sense of calm will leave you speechless and will also prove to be a wonderful place for birding enthusiasts.

With Himalayan Ecotourism, you can let yourself be free of worries as we organize the best trip for you to experience the sacred Tso Moriri Lake that will not only take you through the wonderful Chanthang Wetlands, but also show you a side to these Mighty Himalayas while being good to the environment.
Tso Moriri lake Ladakh

Tso Moriri lake

Difficult to say which lake stands number one in the list.

Pangong Tso lake

Pangong Tso lake, Ladakh

Pangong Tso

Half Indian, half Chinese, this stunning lake is also a strategic place.

How to get to Pangong Tso - Distance from Leh

Pangong lake is 150 km from Leh. It takes around 4 hours to reach via the Changla pass.

Pangong Tso stay

There are several camps available near Spangmik. Homestays are also available in the same village.

What comes to one’s mind when they think of open skies, a 360 degree view of the mountains and a big, beautiful lake in the land of adventures that is Ladakh? Yes! It’s the famous Pangong Tso Lake.

When one travels to Ladakh, it is inevitable to witness the color changing Pangong Tso Lake. A hotspot amongst the travellers, this Lake is a literal translation to Long, Narrow, Enchanted Lake.

It is located at a height of 4250 m above sea level and falls under the disputed area as it is claimed by both India and China.
Travellers can reach the lake from the capital Leh by a four to five hour drive.

Himalayan Ecotourism arranges everything for the travellers from A TO Z and can guarantee a fun-filled, adventurous ride to the majestic lake of Pangong Tso.
The Lake is also a breeding ground for a large variety of birds and if the travellers are lucky, they might get to spot a few wonderful species of birds on their visit.

Tso Kar lake

How to get to Tso Kar - Distance from Leh

Tso Kar is at a distance of 155 km from Leh. It will take around 4 hours to reach via the Manali to Leh road. Note that it is best plan a visit of Tso Kar with Tso Moriri and Tso Kiagar.

Tso Kar stay

There is no permanent inhabitant near Tso Kar, but a camp is open during the season.

Tso Kar Lake, or White Lake is one of the three salt-water lakes of Ladakh located at the highest altitude.

Located 150 km south of the city of Leh, Tso Kar Lake is yet another breathtaking Lake that should be under anyone’s list who is planning to visit Ladakh.
Tso Kar is yet another lake that is popular among bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts. The picturesque backdrop makes this Lake a sight worthy of every minute.

When travelling with Himalayan Ecotourism, you can request to customize your trip in a way that helps you cover these beautiful lakes of Ladakh.

As we say, with Himalayan Ecotourism, you can leave all your worries behind, for we are here to help you make the most of your trip to the cold desert of Ladakh.
Tso Kar lake Ladakh

Tso Kar lake

The salt crystallizes all around the lake and gives it its whitish colour.

Kiagar Tso lake

Kiagar Tso lake, Ladakh

Kiagar Tso

A relatively small lake but its beauty may surpass the other lakes.

How to get to Kiagar Tso - Distance from Leh

Kiagar Tso is about 190 km from Leh on the way to Tso Moriri.

Kiagar Tso stay

There is no stay facilities near Kiagar Tso but you can stay at Karkog a few kilometers ahead.

Located at a height of 4,700 meters, Lake Kiagar Tso is the highest of the lakes of Ladakh and another splendid sight to the eyes.

It is located in the Rupshu Valley of Ladakh and can easily be reached from Tso Moriri Lake.

Although the lake is not as well-known among the travellers as the others, it does entail its own charm. For those who are open to stopping by at beautiful locations off the maps, this Lake is for them.

We take you to this wonderful lake of Ladakh to experience the calm, away from the rest of the world.

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