Lammergeier or the Bearded Vulture

The GHNP and the Tirthan Valley Ecozone are a hub of biodiversity. It only takes a glance to spot exceptional species of birds.The more patient and experienced naturalists can see the rare and ‘difficult-to-spot’ mammals. Many are on the Red List of threatened species.The process of conservation of these species by the Park is essential to their survival.

A trekker must respect the environment he travels in. The main cause of extinction of animal and plant species is the destruction of the ecosystems. The GHNP and the Ecozone community are dedicated to protect and manage these exceptional natural environments.
The following are a few mammals and birds that can be found in the Great Himalayan National Park and its ecozone

Snow Leopard.

Himalayan Griffon

Himalayan Brown Bear

Himalayan Monal

Musk Deer

Greater Racket-Tailed Drongo