What should you take?

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What to bring for a trip to the Himalayas

Take the minimum!

It is always more comfortable and less stressful to travel light.
For your benefit, we have imported quality trekking and camping equipment manufactured in Europe. We provide tents (different types for safaris and treks), sleeping bags (with cotton inner linen for your hygiene), comfortable self-inflating mattress, walking poles and any all equipment required for cooking in nature.

Take only your personal belongings :

Valid for all

  • Carry the minimum clothes you need. It is not required to change clothes every day! You can have your clothes washed in some hotels, but this is not the case for all of our tours. Ask us!

  • Bring clothing suitable for sunny days and also to protect you from the cold in the evening and in the morning. Even in July and August, temperatures are below freezing during the night at high altitude (above 4000 m), while during the day, temperatures can reach 30°C in the same place and on the same day.

  • A (light) waterproof and windproof clothing.

  • Pharmacy. Although during all our tours we carry a first aid kit with the essential medicines, you may like to take your small personal pharmacy. In this case, it is recommended that you take : all drugs specific to your own health situation (health questionnaire), to treat minor injuries, Paracetamol, Loperamide (Imodium) against diarrhea, Domperidone (Motilium) against travel sickness, an antibiotic against infections of the respiratory system, an antibiotic against infections of the digestive system (ofloxacin or azithromycin), an anti-inflammatory cream or pills for muscles and articulations, a disinfectant gel for the hands. Mosquito repellent. Optional: pills for disinfection of water, available in pharmacy, and Diamox against altitude sickness.

  • Flashlight (headlamp).

  • A hat (or cap) and sunglasses.

  • Sunscreen and cocoa butter for the lips.

  • A second pair of light shoes (or slippers) for the evenings.

  • Your toiletries should include a washcloth and a light towel.

  • 2 passport photos and copies of your passport and visa.

  • Take any other small camping/travel gadgets you feel required, although it is useless to get burdened.

For the 'safari experience' tours

  • Carry your equipment in a suitcase or a backpack, at your convenience.

For the varied experience tours

  • You can choose between the suitcase and backpack, but we recommend you to bring a small backpack for the day-hikes.

  • Good walking shoes.

  • All 'technical' clothes that you would like wear during the walks.

For the adventure experience tours

  • Don't take suitcases, but a good backpack that you will use for the trek. You can lighten it before the trek by leaving some of your personal belongings with our staff.

  • Good hiking shoes. Avoid a sole that peels off at 5-day walk from any civilization...

  • Good light technical clothing are preferable compared with the everyday clothes, heavier and less efficient.

Select your favorite region or travel style

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Lahaul & Spiti
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