We enjoy the company of all our guests. Some of them have shown so much of interest and support for our social enterprise that we wish to refer them on our "Testimonials" page.

Girish Jathar

Position: President, Foundation for Ecological Conservation and Sustainable Development

From: Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Comment: The GHNP visit is an amazing place to experience rich flora and fauna of Himalayas. This provided me an opportunity to truly understand what a Global Biodiversity Hotspot means. This place is birders paradise as many species of Pheasants can be seen here commonly. Himalayan Monal is the most abundant of them, Koklass and Kaleej also add in to the beauty of the place. The forest here is so alive that we were able to see signs of wildlife everywhere.

To my astonishment the hospitality of the Himalayan Eco-tourism was amazing. It was like having a five star luxury at 3000m above sea level. The people here are compassionate towards their guest as well as towards their environment.

A sensible tourist with compassion towards nature must visit this place to experience amalgamation of nature and culture of Himalayan People. This is truly a Land of Nature God.

Ashish Kambale

Position: Research Fellow at BNHS’s Bird Migration Study Centre.

From: Point Calimere, Tamil Nadu

Comment: Himalayas are one of the great places to observe scenic landscapes along with magnificent biodiversity and its people. Visit to GHNP was a very nice and insightful experience. I am interested in birds so I enjoyed birding a lot despite of extreme weather conditions. The Shilt Hut Trek took us through different forest habitat types which harbored diversity of plants as well as animals. The national park is crucial for the existence of so many species and also the people who lives adjacent to it. So, it’s a delicate balance between the existence of biodiversity and the survival of local community.

The management of our trek was amazing. It was certainly the most delightful experience with the people of Himalayan Ecotourism I had compared with many other treks I had been to. The credit surely goes to the people of Himalayan Ecotourism who care deeply about their environment and knows the basics behind the laws of nature which sometimes people from urban areas can’t understand or even appreciate!

I wish best luck to people here at GHNP to carry such ecologically sound initiatives and sure enough this place can become a good model for others to follow. In the end there is only one thing I can say about this place. “There is lot more to GHNP than meets the eye”…

Anup Kulkarni

Position:Professor of Environmental Science at Shivaji University

From: Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Comment:The greatness of the Himalayas cannot be described in words. It has to be experienced. The tour of GHNP provides us an opportunity to experience this greatness and beauty hidden in the valleys and on the peaks of snow clad mountains of park.
I am a wildlife enthusiast. I visited the park for the birdlife it supports there.
Even on a small trek one can observe at least 40-50 bird species. The prime attraction here is western Tragopan but Himalayan Monal and Kalij Pheasant are the common sightings which will give you the glimpse of the beauty of great biodiversity harbored here.
I am very thankful to Stephen and his team for making our trip so special. The arrangements made by them were amazing. The people working with Himalayan ecotourism are very compassionate and genuine towards the nature. They possess good knowledge of the flora and fauna which they share with you on every step of your trek overall the hospitality they show is quite heart touching.
On final note: GHNP is the place I would like to explore again and again.
I wish all the very best to the all the Himalayan ecotourism personnel. Thank you very much.

Thierry Leneveu

Position: Professor of Geology at Lycée Français

From: Munich,Germany

Comment:An unforgettable adventure in the Tirthan Valley which is a magnificent and authentic place. Despite some weather problems (snow the first night and a little bit of rain on the second day), I walked along the mountain trails and reached the Rakhundi top without any tension.
The staff were very professional and offered us excellent food. They were very friendly and received us with an amazing hospitality.
Many thanks to them and to Stephan.
I strongly recommend anyone to go with "Himalayan Ecotourism" to visit the GHNP.