Sainj-Tirthan Trek

High altitude trek connecting two major river valleys of GHNP Book

Duration 5 to 8 days
Difficulty (stamina)
Difficulty (technical)
Altitudes Start : 1770 m - highest : 4090 m - End : 1590 m
Difference in altitude Ascent : 2320 m / Descent : 2500 m
Best time to go May to June and October to November

Route with timing
8 day Trek 7 day Trek 5 day Trek
Day 1 Niharni (1770m) to Shakti (2260m) Niharni (1770m) to Shakti (2260m) Niharni (1770m) to Humkani (2865m)
Day 2 Shakti (2260m) to Bheradnala (2830m) Shakti (2260m) to Bheradnala (2830m) Humkani (2865m) to Dhel (3620m)
Day 3 Bheradnala (2830m) to Dhel (3540m) Bheradnala (2830m) to Dhel (3540m) Dhel (3540m) to Ghumtrau (3460m)
Day 4 Day rest at Dhel (3540m) Dhel (3540m) to Ghumtrau (3460m) Ghumtrau (3460m) to Rolla (2100m)
Day 5 Dhel (3540m) to Ghumtrau (3460m) Ghumtrau (3460m) to Shilt (3000m) Rolla (2100m) to Gushaini (1590m)
Day 6 Ghumtrau (3460m) to Shilt (3000m) Shilt (3000m) to Rolla (2100m)
Day 7 Shilt (3000m) to Rolla (2100m) Rolla (2100m) to Gushaini (1590m)
Day 8 Rolla (2100m) to Gushaini (1590m)
Alternate route: You may consider reaching Dhel via the amazingly beautiful village of Shangarh and the village Lapah at the border of the park.

Trek description - 7 days

Day 1
The trek starts at Niharni - the road-head in the Sainj valley. A path still frequented by a few local villagers leads along the Sainj River to Shakti trekkers huts. It takes about 3 hours to get here and the path traverses mixed forests. First night is spent at Shakti.

The temple and holy ground of village Shangarh which is a nice alternate route to Dhel

Day 2
On the second day, you cross the Sainj river and start climbing straight to Humkani and the Bheradnala meadow through dense forest of oak. The slope goes steeply, but the hike is relatively short. It will take about 3 hours walking to reach Bheradnala. You will have time to enjoy the spectacular scenery GHNP is famous for and enjoy the surrounding nature and wildlife.

On the Sainj-Tirthan Trek

Day 3
On the third day, one climbs towards Dhel. You spend an amazing day through very dense and virgin forests. After 3 hours of climb you reach Dhel meadow, a fascinating spot from where the scenery is spectacular. You may decide to have a day rest at Dhel. It is an exceptional place for observing rare and wild species of birds and mammals. Be discreet and get ready with your camera, you may see the magnificent Western Tragopan.

Breakfast during the Trek

Day 4
This day is probably the most exciting day of the trek. You will cross a high attitude pass at about 4090 m height.

You leave the low-altitude forests and enter the realm of the high mountains. Reaching a pass is a wonderful experience. After three days of gradual change of view, you suddenly discover a completely different landscape. Say good-bye to Sainj valley, you are now in Tirthan valley.

From Dhel it takes 4 hours to reach Ghumtrau, another spectacular meadow.

Walk on glacier

Day 5
On day 5 you have a very pleasant descent to Shilt Hut, where you will have a comfortable stay.

Day 6
Today you descent to Rolla, a camp site beside the Tirthan River. Now you are back to lower altitudes and can comfortably enjoy the river.

Rolla hut and campsite

Day 7
Easy descent to Gushaini along the Tirthan River.

Trek description-5 days

In this mode you follow the same trek route but it is done in five days. One has to be fit and in good physical condition.