Rolla Trek

A gentle introduction to GHNP Book

Duration 2 days / 1 night (shortest trek to enter the park)
Difficulty (stamina)
Altitudes Lowest : 1590 m / highest : 2100 m
Difference in altitude Ascent : 510 m / Descent : 510 m
Best time to go From March to June and September to November. The trek is open all along the year. You may have limited snowfalls from December to February. It is not advised to go during the monsoon (July, August and beginning of September).

Route with timing
Day 1 Gushaini (1590m) to Rolla (2100m)
Day 2 Rolla (2100m) to Gushaini (1590m)

Trek description

Day 1
Rolla Trek is the shortest trek in GHNP. It is a good first trek to GHNP if you have only two days for trekking. It is also a good trek for first-timers to trekking, though you may consider to go up to Shilt hut if you have more time.

The trek begins at the road-head Gushaini. From there, you trek through the ecozone of the park and along the valley of the Tirthan river to the reach the park gate where the national park begins. You will pass through 2 villages - Ropa and Kauncha.

Going through the Ecozone before reaching the Park gate

As your trek is in progress the human population starts decreasing and nature turns into natural wilderness. After walking for 3 hours along the Tirthan River you will reach the park entrance gate. Before you enter the park gate you may have your lunch and tea. As you cross the park gate you are in the realm of Nature. On your way to Rolla, you will only come across one old abandoned wood house. The path will get narrower and forest will become dense, and then you can find diversity of plants and tree species. After hiking for half-an hour from the park gate you will reach Rolla Huts and the campsite.

Forest above the Tirthan river

Once the tents are pitched you will receive a delicious snack, and enjoy the riverside location of the camp. During evening at the river bank you may encounter wildlife coming to drink water from the river. It is commom to see monkeys and langurs, but even leopards have been spotted!

At sunset relax at the bonfire, and our staff will serve you a complete royal meal (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) according to your preference. You can spend the night inside the tent or sleep in the open under the stars.

Day 2
In the morning, after a deluxe breakfast, the camp will be dismantled and cleaned. You may spend some time exploring the surroundings. Then it will be 3 hours hike back to Gushaini, enjoy the downhill trek, and return back gradually to the civilization again.

During winter you may have snowfall, which is going to be a different experience. Have good pair of shoes and warm clothes.

Snow on the Tirthan river in the month of December