Ranghthar Trek

A spectacular view of the park Book

Duration 2 days / 1 night
Difficulty (stamina)
Difficulty (technical)
Altitudes Lowest : 2170 m / highest : 2860 m
Difference in altitude Ascent : 690 m / Descent : 6900 m
Best time to go April to June and October to November

Route with timing
Day 1 Pekhari (2170m) to Ranghthar (2860m)
Day 2 Ranghthar (2860m) to Pekhari (2170m)
ranghthar hike map

Trek description

Day 1
This hike starts from a village called Pekhari (2170m) in the ecozone. The village is acessible by a jeepable road from Gushaini. From Pekhari you walk towards Lakcha (2550m), a very beautiful traditional Himalayan village where you will have your lunch.

Then after one hour of steep climb through some fields and then forest, you reach a flat-topped ridge where you will set up your camp. This is Ranghthar.

Lunch at Ranghthar

From Ranghthar you have almost 360-degree view. It is a spectacular spot!

Enjoy your meal at the camp fire during sunset. The weather is cool and refreshing in the summer time, and a welcome relief from the heat of the plains of India.

Day 2
Enjoy the morning exploring Rangthar.

Exploring Ranghthar

It is a gentle descent from Ranghtar back to Pekhari.