Nada Thach Trek

A panoramic view point on the way to the sources of Tirthan Book

Duration 4 to 6 days
Difficulty (stamina)
Difficulty (technical)
Altitudes Lowest : 1590 m / highest : 3300 m
Difference in altitude Ascent : 1710 m / Descent : 1710 m
Best time to go April to June and October to November

Route with timing
6 day Trek 5 day Trek 4 day Trek
Day 1 Gushaini (1590m) to Rolla (2100m) Gushaini (1590m) to Rolla (2100m) Gushaini (1590m) to Rolla (2100m)
Day 2 Rolla (2100m) to Chalocha (2380m) Rolla (2100m) to Chalocha (2380m) Rolla (2100m) to Nada Thach (3300m)
Day 3 Chalocha (2380m) to NadaThach (3300m) Chalocha (2380m) to NadaThach (3300m) Nada Thach (3300m) to Rolla (2100m)
Day 4 Exploration day at Nada Thach or return trek to Kobri (4090m) Nada Thach (3300m) to Rolla (2100m) Rolla (2100m) to Gushaini (1590m)
Day 5 Nada Thach (3300m) to Rolla (2100m) Rolla (2100m) to Gushaini (1590m)
Day 6 Rolla (2100m) to Gushaini (1590m)  
Extended route One day hike to Kobri (4090 m) from Nada Thach.
Chakrehad peak (4700 m). Need to spend a night at Kobri. Stamina ( ) Technical difficulty ( ). Minimum 7days.

Trek description-5 or 6 days

Day 1
The first step of this trek is to reach Rolla. See the Rolla trek for description of the first day.

Day 2
From Rolla, after breakfast, you continue your trek on the path following the Tirthan river. You enjoy the beauty of the virgin forest of the Tirthan valley.

Bridge over the Tirthan river

After about 3 hours of walk along with the river, one reaches the second camp site at Chalocha (2380 m). Enjoy your meal and spend the night next to the river.

Day 3
The next day your guide leads you on a small steep trail. It will take 3 hours walk to reach Nada Thach.

From Nada Thach, one can see the entire Tirthan valley up to the cirque glacier and the source of the river. The colour of the sunset and the bird-songs put you in a meditative state. Enjoy the meal and spend your evening at the camp fire.

Day 4
Spend your day exploring Nada Thach looking for wildlife and appreciating the rich birdlife, or you can simply rest at the camp.

At Nada Thach

If you are fit, you may decide a return hike to Kobri (4090m) from where the view of the Park is fantastic. And what a thrill crossing the 4000 m level !

Source of Tirthan river seen from Kobri

You spend a second night at Nada Thach.

If you want to do this trek in 5 days, you just skip this day and spend only one night at Nada.

Day 5
After the breakfast you return to Rolla along the same route you came up. Night camp at Rolla.

Day 6
Descent from Rolla to Gushaini. End of trek

Trek description - 4 days

In this mode the same trek can be done in 4 days. The ascent from Rolla to Nada Thach in one day will be a bit tough. It is essential to be fit and in good physical condition.

Chakrehad peak

Chakrehad peak (4700 m) is one of the most amazing peak of GHNP. It is relatively easy to reach and offers a very spectacular view on the entire park area, a real eagle nest ! Excellent trekking experience required. The trek duration is minimum 7 days, though we advise doing it in 8 days for altitude acclimatization.

Chakrehad peak