Myagi and Chehani Kothi Trek

Magical culture and sceneries Book

Duration Half a day or 1 day with lunch at Myagi
Difficulty (stamina)
Difficulty (technical)
Altitudes Start : 1950 m - highest : 2310 m - end : 1840m
Difference in altitude Ascent : 360 m / Descent : 470 m
Best time to go All along the year, but better to avoid monsoon time (July-August)

Chehani kothi map

Trek description

From the village Bihar (1950m) - accessible by road - you climb for about one hour through a beautiful Deodar forest up to Myagi (2300m), a very small village where you have a nice spot for observing the Park area and even some far off glaciers.

Small temple at the Myagi ground

It is a very peaceful, spiritual and inspiring place. One can stay here in contemplative mood for several hours!

From Myagi, you continue to the village Chehani (2130m) where lies one of the most interesting architectural curiosity of the area.

It is a very old and very tall watch tower built with wood and stones and is resistant to earthquakes. Engineers have studied it to gain insights into construction of anti-seismic building. Amazing!

After Chehani you go down to Bagi where there is the interesting and famous Hindu temple of Shringa Rishi. Shringa Rishi is one of the most important God of the Kullu District. Ask the priest to tell you the story to get an insight into the Hindu mythology.

The area is famous for bird watching. You could ask us to do the hike with one of our naturalist. Don't forget your binoculars!

The hike takes 3 hours in total. You can decide either to do it in half a day or in one full day with a rest and lunch at the Myagi's ground.