Marahni Trek

Discovering Himalayan villages & sceneries, wildlife of the park Book

Duration 3 to 5 days
Difficulty (stamina)
Difficulty (technical)
Altitudes Lowest : 1590 m / highest : 3580 m
Difference in altitude Ascent : 1410 m / Descent : 1990 m
Best time to go April to June and October to November

Route with timing
4 or 5 days 3 days
Day 1 Pekhari (2170m) to Ranghthar (2860m) Pekhari (2170m) to Ranghthar (2860m)
Day 2 Ranghthar (2860m) to Marani (3580m) Ranghthar (2860m) to Marani (3580m)
Day 3 Exploration from Marahni (optional) Marahni (3580m) to Pekhari (2170m)
Day 4 Marahni (3580m) to the Park gate (2000m)  
Day 5 Park gate (2000m) to Gushaini (1590m)

Trek description -4 or 5 days

Day 1
This trek starts from a village of the ecozone called Pekhari accessible by a jeepable road from Gushaini. From Pekhari you walk towards Lakcha (one and half hour), a very beautiful traditional Himalayan village where you will have your lunch.

The trek starts in the ecozone, crossing some villages.Photo Courtesy of Juliette Pouradier

Then after one hour of steep climb through some fields and then forest, you reach a flat-topped ridge where you will set up your first camp, Ranghthar. From Ranghthar you have almost 360-degree views. A spectacular spot ! It is really great to enjoy your meal at the camp fire during sunset.

Bonfire at Ranghthar

Day 2
On day 2 you follow the ridge of the mountain for about 5 kilometers on a path that snakes through beautiful forest. You will enjoy the panorama the whole day, walking on the crest of the mountain. Marahni is reached comfortably in the afternoon. You set up your camp carefully on this meadow exposed to strong winds in case of bad weather.
Wear your warm clothes for the evening spend at a high altitude (3580m). Spend some time at the campfire under the stars, amazing !

Marahni campsite.Photo Courtesy of Mihir Mohite

Day 3
The sunset at Marahni offers mind-blowing sceneries. Your day at Marahni will be unforgettable. You may either follow further the crest of the mountain to reach a small summit from where you can see both the valleys, Tirthan and Sainj. You will also discover some higher icy peaks of the Park, see the plains of Punjab, the Dhauladhar range and the peaks above Manali.
Another option is to roam around in the adjacnt oak forests for observing wildlife. Or you can simply rest and enjoy your time at Marahni. Second night at Marahni.

Above Marahni.Photo courtesy of Mihir Mohite

Day 4
On day 4 you leave Marahni and descent towards the Park gate. It is a long descent from 3580 m to 2000 m in altitude. You are back in the ecozone and have your lunch in the very charming village of Sungcha. You reach the Park gate in the afternoon. The camp is set up at the river side (Tirthan). You enjoy a completely different natural environment.

There is snow on Marahni until the month of May.Photo courtesy of Mihir Mohite

Day 5
The descent to Gushaini will take only two and half hour. So take your time to enjoy Tirthan river. You may consider having your lunch at the camp site before starting to go down. This is an easy walk gradually back to civilization.

Trek description - 3 days

In this mode, the two first days are the same.
On the third day you go down on the reverse way to Pekhari in one day.