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By road

From Delhi, you can either use your own vehicle, come by taxi (about Rs 10,000), or by bus.

The shortest route goes through Chandigarh, Bilaspur, Mandi, and then Banjar or Sainj, the two main entry to the Park. (Delhi - Banjar, 12 hours)

You can also come from Shimla going through Jalori pass (Shimla - Banjar, 8 hours drive). Be aware that Jalori pass is closed in winter because of snow (December to March).

There are comfortable Volvo buses (about Rs 1000) from Delhi to Manali. Most of the busses start in the evening from Delhi. You have to get off the bus at Aut early morning, and take a taxi (about Rs 900) or local bus to Banjar or Sainj. Or we can arrange your transportation from Aut by sending our own taxi.

If you come by your own vehicle, the road to GHNP diverts before reaching Aut. Just before Aut, there is a tunnel (the only tunnel on the road from Delhi).

Do not enter the tunnel.

Just at the entrance of the tunnel there is a smaller road on the right. Take this one. After crossing a dam and then a bridge, either you continue straight to Sainj (for Sainj valley), or if you need to go to Banjar (for Tirthan valley), you need to cross the next bridge on your right to reach the small town of Larji. Turn right after the bridge and continue straight to Banjar (about 20 km from Larji).

By air

Bhuntar airport near Kullu is a small airport and it is served by Air India. The service is erratic, runs only a few months in the year, and is over-priced at around Rs 10,000 one way. Bhuntar to GHNP is about 2 hours drive. If you are coming to Bhuntar airport near Kullu, we can arrange pickup from the airport.

Road map of GHNP

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