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Get a booster shot of usual vaccines before your travel to India. Tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, polio and measles are some of the diseases against which we recommend booster immunization.
Vaccination against hepatitis A and B is also strongly recommended. Consult your physician.

Malaria - dengue fever

Malaria is not present in the hill states of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand. Therefore, you do not have to take any preventive medication. On the other hand, although the risk is very low, we recommend that you protect yourselves against mosquitoes in the evenings and nights with mosquito repellants during your stay in the plains (Delhi).
Mosquito repellants will also protect you against dengue.


The biological environment of the India is very different from the European environment. So you will get stomach upset. Consider taking Loperamide in your pharmacy kit.
A few precautionary measures will help you to avoid diarrhea, an infection transmitted by food, water or dirty hands:

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap in particular before meals. Disinfectants gels for hands are also very effective. We highly recommend them.

  • Better to drink bottled water during your stay in the city. Those who, for ecological reasons, prefer to avoid buying plastic water bottle, consider bringing a water filter (available in adventure sport stores).

  • During our travels in the Himalayas you will not always have the opportunity to buy bottled water. Although mountain water is excellent and you can drink it without risks, the use of a water filter will reduce the risk. Consider bottles with an integrated filter.

  • You can drink fresh fruit juices, but avoid any drink with ice cubes.

  • There is no risk with the hot cooked meals. Peel the fruits and then you can safely eat them. Avoid salads.

Altitude sickness

All our tours involve travel at high altitude. So you may have some symptoms of the altitude sickness.
To reduce the discomfort associated with altitude, all our tours are organized so that you ascend gradually.
While many operators complete the Manali - Leh route in two days and one night, we do it in minimum four days and three nights, with an acclimatization night at Manali (2000 m), followed by a night at 3300 m and a night at 3600 m before the highest passes at more than 5000 m.

Despite of that you are likely to suffer mild symptoms of altitude sickness. Diamox drastically reduces the risk of altitude sickness but must be taken with caution. Ask advice to your physician.

Let know us your state of health

Let know us your state of health by filling out the questionnaire available here.

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