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Himalayan safari experience
Safari experience

Safari experience

The safari experience involves transport by road (and air). You have the choice of a comfortable "SUV" or a “Royal Enfield” motorcycle.

There are many reasons that may encourage you to choose this style of travel.

You have young children who do not yet have the capacity for trekking. You're a fan of travelling by motorcycle and dream of mythical routes on a vintage machine. Or simply you don't want the physical effort of a trek and prefer a relaxing experience.

Many Himalayan roads go through absolutely fantastic places. The Manali-Leh road or one that crosses Lahaul and Spiti for instance. You will be blown away by the landscape.

For each of our "safari" tours, you will cross mythical landscapes, visit Buddhist monasteries, stay in comfortable camps under tents in the wilderness, and at least one homestay.

Himalayan varied experience
Varied experience

Varied experience

The Himalayas attract you, but you do not know what would be the best way to experience it. You have a good physical condition and enjoy hiking. You would like reaching an easy peak in a day's walk. But you have equal interest in the local culture and want to have some days without having to walk.
In this case, varied experience will be your experience.

The proposed tours are quite similar to the "Safari" tours, but you won't be only in a vehicle. Some places will involve trekking and hiking.

For you, we have selected day hikes bringing you into sublime environments.

Varied experience is a real plus! A little effort and you will reach a peak over 5000 m. The varied experience is available to anyone who has some experience of hiking in the mountains. There are no technical difficulties. You only have to put one foot in front of the other and just keep on doing, you will get there!

All experiences in the "Safari" tours will also be there during the "Varied experience", high mountain passes, unforgettable lakes, monasteries, comfortable camps in the middle of... nowhere, stays with the locals, etc.

Himalayan adventure experience
Adventure experience

Adventure experience

If for you 'Himalaya' rhymes with 'challenge', our "adventure" packages may suit you.

Don’t fear, you are in good hands, but be ready to experience the great nature, far from any civilization .

We go for several days of trekking in absolutely incredible places, isolated from everything. Multi-day hiking experience required. You know what it is to be in nature for days and rely on your physical capability.
Choose one of our adventure packages, and get ready to climb up to nearly 6000 m without climbing expertise.

Although our "adventure tours" are focused on trekking, landscape and wild life, we will not miss to stop at some spots where we can enjoy the local culture and arts. Sometimes we even will lodge in a homestay in the middle of a trek.

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Lahaul & Spiti
Lahaul & Spiti - Our classic tour - Mixed experience
Great Himalayan National Park
Trekking to the source of Sainj - Adventure experience
Our classic tour - Mixed experience
Lakes tour - Mixed experience
Lahaul & Spiti
In 8 days - Safari experience
Special Buddhism - Safari experience

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