Dingcha and Tinder Hike

A beautiful natural and cultural experience in one day Book

Duration 1 day
Difficulty (stamina)
Difficulty (technical)
Altitudes Start : 1590 m - highest : 2240 m m - end : 1590 m
Difference in altitude Ascent : 650 m / Descent : 650 m
Best time to go Throughout the year

Hike description

The hike starts from Gushaini and ends at the Traditional, local village of Tinder. The trail is an easy trek to the destination.The village is adorned with a beautifully carved temple of the local Devata accentuated by the hospitality and warmth of the villagers.The trek to Dingcha from Tinder is slightly steep and takes about two hours to complete,but the climb is completely worth it as Dingcha offers a panoramic view of the Tirthan Valley ornamented by the ferocious sound of the Tirthan River and a soothing site of the snow-capped Himalayas.

At the village of Tinder

You come down from Dingcha in one of two ways,either come back by the path you took to reach Dingcha or through the village of Ropa. You have your lunch in the village Tinder.