Chehani Kothi Hike

Tallest Temple in Himachal Pradesh Book

Duration 1 day
Difficulty (stamina)
Difficulty (technical)
Altitudes Start : 1950 m - highest : 2140 m - end : 1950 m
Difference in altitude Ascent : 190 m / Descent : 190 m
Best time to go Throughout the year

Hike description

The hike starts from the village of Bihar.It is a moderate trail that delves you into the forest,exposing you to the traditional village of Chehani Kothi.
The village where stands Himachal Pradesh’s tallest temple—Chehani Kothi. The villagers are God Fearing people, mostly occupied in servicing the local Devata—Shri Shringa Rishi. The history of the Devata can be gathered from the pujari. A hike of half an hour from Chehani Kothi, leads to Myagi. Another village mostly famous for the spectacular view of the snow capped Himalayan Peaks. It has approximately twenty families, dominantly engaged in agriculture.

At the village of Chehani Kothi