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Best months

The best months to visit the Park are March, April, May, June, and then September, October and November.

Time to be avoided

Most of the rains come during monsoon (July, August, up to mid-September). It is not advisable to go into the Park during monsoon, because of the dangers related to heavy rains.

Winter months (December, January, February) are very cold and there is snowfall in GHNP. Only the lower altitude treks remain open, but it will be very cold.

Climate during the best months

In March, the snow line is still relatively low in altitude and you may have snowfall above 2500m. The minimum temperatures are still very low. Most of the animals and birds take refuge in the lower forests. We won't suggest you to go for a long trek in March. You can select a low altitude trek or a hike in the ecozone.

April is a nice month for trek. All the mountains are still covered by snow. There are a lot of wildlife and birds in the lower forests, and there are a lot of flowers. It is not yet hot and the night temperatures might be still minus zero above 3000m. Sky is clear in April, so you will definitively enjoy getting warmed up in the sun during the day. Most of the trek routes open during this month but you might not be able to trek in the highest altitude (above 4000m) because of snow.

May and June
These are the summer months for India. Excellent months for trek. The summer makes the Park and its ecozone a very pleasant haven for all those who suffers from extreme heat in the plain of India. It is the best time for spending nights under tents and stay late outside under the stars. Nevertheless, during the day, walking for hours in the sun could be troublesome for the most sensitive. Bring your hat ! You can do all the proposed treks during these two months.

After the Monsoon no snow remains on the mointains, only the ice and the glaciers on highest peaks have kept the fascinating shining white of the Himalayas. The monsoon rains will last at least until mid-September. It is better not to consider any trek before that. Temperatures are comfortable.

October and November
October will be a very pleasant month. The monsoon has left, the fields and forests are very green. Temperatures are still pleasant.
November will be a bit colder. But you can still enjoy GHNP. Some of the higher peaks may receive some fresh snow, just for the pleasure of your eyes.
You can do all the proposed treks during these two months.

You may consider also coming in December for a lowe altitude trek. Get ready for cold nights.

Assessing the temperature by yourself

See the temperature chart for Kullu / Manali below for reference. But these are not the temperature you will have in the Park. Since the temperature drops with altitude you need to adjust the mentioned temperatures in the chart according to the altitude of the camps you will be staying during your trek.

Reduce the temperature given in the chart by the amount given in the table.

Altitude (m) 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800 3000 3200 3400 3600 3800
Difference in temperature (°C) -5 -6 -8 -9 -10 -12 -13 -14 -15 -17

For instance if you plan a trek in April with a night at 3000 m, you can expect the night temperature to fall at -1° (11°-12°).Weather at GHNP

Rainfall at GHNP